When you carpool, the safety of others is your responsibility!

topcars-nov2008-istockphoto_0When you carpool, the safety of others is YOUR responsibility.  For many parents, my self included carpooling the neighborhood kids to and from school or sporting events is just another part of our every day routine. Carpooling is a huge benefit to those involved, however there are risks as well.  It’s important to know how and if your current car insurance policy will protect you should you get into an accident.  You need to ask questions such as – are my liability limits high enough? What about my medical payment coverage, is that high enough?  If you are unsure, or do not know the answer to that question talk to us, or to your current agent.

If you are the driver of a vehicle and you are involved in an accident the injuries to those in your car are YOUR responsibility (YES, even the neighborhood kids). If you have state minimum limits or just above that, chances are you your coverage will NOT be enough.  If the injuries exceed your policy limits your ask risk to be sued and run the risk of losing your personal assets (House, Investments etc.).

Carpooling is a must for many families.  Below are a few things to think about with regards to your current coverage limits.  As we said above, if you are not sure what your current limits are, or if you have enough coverage give us a call.  We would welcome the opportunity to sit down with you and review your coverage’s.

  • Increase your liability coverage:  Increasing your liability insurance coverage and adding an umbrella policy can help protect you from the personal financial liabilities that injured carpoolers or damaged property could bring.
  • Consider Higher medical payment coverage: Medical payments coverage makes additional medical payments for your passengers if they are in an accident while you are driving. You may wish to increase this coverage in order to reflect the number of passengers you carpool.

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  1. Wade Joel says:

    I carpool all the time with a bunch of my friends. I did not know that if you were in an accident that the person driving would be liable for everyone’s injuries too. I will be sure to be careful so that way I can limit the exposure to dangerous situations.

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