Do you choose the immediate over the important?

SunsetPrioritiesBy: Joel McKinnon

In my opinion, as a society we have fallen into a realm of living for the immediate over planning for the important.  We want everything now; if we can’t afford it we simply charge it.  It seems as if the days of saving till we can pay cash for it have left us.  The priority of our future has fallen victim to cell phones, fancy cars, vacations, flat screen TV’s, tablets and the list could go on and on inserting golf clubs, coffee or any other item into the mix.  We as a society do not think about how our actions today could impact our future.  We don’t think about what retirement will be like without a savings.  Let me fill you in, YOU WON’T HAVE A RETIREMENT.  We do not think about what our families future would be like if we died without life insurance – let me paint that picture – As the spouse, how does moving back in with your parents sound? Most families live on dual incomes, so losing one of those would force you and your kids to lose your house, your cars, and your way of life.

We tend to over look the consequences of our actions, and we do not realize their impact until it is to late.  Its been said no one plans to go bankrupt, it just6379589 happens. The same is true for life insurance – no one plans to die without it, no one plans to die and leave his or her family in a financial pinch, yet it happens every single day.  We tend to make time for the things in life that are important to us TODAY; we tend to spend our money on things that are important to us TODAY.  I would challenge you to look at your family, look at your current financial situation – if something happens how will your family fair?  Will they be able to afford the house? The cars? College?  Will your spouse have to get a second job just to keep up?  See having the latest cell phone or tablet has taken priority over setting aside funds for our kid’s college.  Drinking premier coffee, workout shakes; weight loss supplements etc. have taken priority over paying for life insurance to protect our families’ future.  You can insert any item into those examples that you want – the point being we as a society tend to put everything ahead of our families future – be it coffee, cell phones, gym memberships etc. we make everything else a priority. As a parent the decisions we make impact our kids – if we choose coffee, the gym a cell phone etc. over life insurance this impacts our children – they are the ones who have to continue to live after you die leaving them with nothing.  Our kids are the ones who pay the price when we fail to realize our actions impact people other than us!!!  Do you make items more important than your family?  Do coffee, cell phones, and the gym trump the future of your kids? The question is “do you choose the immediate over the important?”

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  1. Jon says:

    Great article Joel. Makes you think.

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