Life Insurance is NOT for YOU!

August 7, 2014

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not for uListen to me when I say this “Life Insurance IS NOT for you.” As harsh as this may sound (I know I may get some criticism from fellow agents) my true belief is that life insurance is not for us.  Life Insurance is purchased to insure our families will be protected if something happens to us.  To many times in this life we make decisions based on the emotional gain it will give to us VS. what it will do to those around us.  When we buy life insurance we are not doing it so we feel better (although that is a benefit), we are doing it so our families will not suffer.  We are doing it so our family can stay in their house, so our children can afford to go to college, and so our parents do not get stuck paying our student loans.  We buy life insurance because we love our families enough to do so.  The reality of life is bad things happen to good people.  We see children, teenagers, young adults, mothers & fathers die all the time.  We see children lose their parents & parents lose their children.  Then as difficult as that is we see them lose their home, their cars, & they lose their way of life.

I am not sure about you, but if my child or my spouse, or my parents passed away I would not be able to go back to work the next day.  If my spouse passed away, I would need time to grieve, time to be there for my children.  See these are the things we tend to not think about.  If I take time off of work to be with my family how am I going to pay my mortgage? How will I pay for our cars?  Can I afford to put food on the table for my kids?  If I die, who is going to pay the debt I leave behind?  Who is going to pay to raise my children?  Life insurance is for those we leave behind, it helps to ease the burden for THEM, and I consider us to be selfish if we do not protect the future for our family!

My opinion is we tend to be selfish and everything else takes priority over getting life insurance, its always “we will get to it.”  We make time to golf, to workout, to go to concerts and to do any number of other things, yet somehow we fail to make the future of our family a priority.  I understand we are all busy, but honestly think what would happen to you, your family and your future if something happened to your spouse.  What would happen to your family if something happened to you?

Below is a link to a video – this is a tragic situation where a family lost their daughter, luckily her parents have stepped up to help raise her children, but in addition to that expense, they are now stuck with the daughters student loans.  How will this family afford this?  How would your family afford this?   These are the types of situations that SO many families fail to plan for.  Don’t buy life insurance for you, and your peace of mind, but it for your spouse, buy it for your kids, buy it because you love your family enough to protect their future!!!