Why do you need me?


By: Joel McKinnon

Why do you need me?

Often we, as insurance agents are asked this question “why do I need an insurance agent.”  With todays technology options you can purchase insurance at any time, virtually from any place.  You can buy it on-line, over the phone, in an agents office, using a smart phone, tablet, computer and the list goes on and on.  With all of these options available, why do you need an agent?  What is the benefit to having ME? To working with my agency? Is there a benefit to an agent? As a consumers you spend your entire life working to pay for the items that you have – your house, your cars, your life style etc.  You work hard to make money so you can afford to take your family on summer vacations, send your kids off to college, and to have a meaningful retirement.  Insurance companies as a whole (in my opinion) have forced consumers into thinking that insurance is a commodity – it should be cheap, the process should be quick, and coverages well lets just say that is seldom if ever a topic of conversation.  In todays advertising world the majority of the messages we as consumers see is focused around price, forcing us to believe that the #1 priority when shopping for insurance should be the cheapest price.

The direct writers (companies without agents) have done an excellent job pitching low rates and just legal coverages.  The problem we run into, is that the average consumer (in my opinion) does not understand how insurance works (this could be auto, home, business, umbrella, life insurance etc). Most think its nothing more than a “thing” we have to have if we own a car, own a house or operate a business.  Most feel this way because they are not informed.  We as agents tend to be just as guilty as the big brands – we advertise how much money we saved consumers, how much we beat another company by, how many deals we closed, yet we never really broadcast how well we protected a families future.  We do not mention how we secured the future of a family should the mom or dad die suddenly.  We don’t broadcast the benefit of having an umbrella and extra liability protection when our kids start driving.

In my opinion, this happens because most agents (not all) are AFRAID of price – most agents (not all) are afraid to show consumers higher pricing with better coverage, coverage that the family needs, because if we are higher the consumer may not buy from us.   Agents tend to make the process more about the sale, then protecting the client. This is why you need me as your AGENT.  You need me as I am not afraid to show you how you should be protecting your family.  I want to “hold your hand” through the process so you understand why YOU NEED the coverage, and how you should be protecting your family and their future.  See, you work your entire life for the items that you have and it is my JOB to help you protect those items.  It is my job to make sure if you have a wreck you don’t lose everything that you have, if your house burns down that you can rebuild it, if your spouse dies early you have time to grieve without the worry of money. I struggle to understand how ANY company or agent can feel comfortable protecting their clients in 15 mins or less?  I struggle to understand how an agent can fully protect you and your family if they know nothing about you?  I will never understand how agents can pitch “apples to apples” coverage, when they have never even seen your house.

My opinion – you need an agent who is passionate about what they do, and are wiling to get to know you and your family.  You need an agent who is passionate about you and your family and their future.   You need an agent who is passionate about truly helping you, and protecting you not just trying to “save you money” to make a sale. I will close by saying this, there is more to insurance than a price.  If you are not getting the most out of your agent FIRE THEM.  There are agents out there that are willing to get to know you and your family and EARN your business.  I would ask your self this question – the agent or the company that you work with – was their primary focus when meeting with you on coverage? or on price?