What if the sense of relief never comes around?

Near miss accident

By: Joel McKinnon

We have all been there.  We are driving home from work on a typical day, running an every day errand, or maybe even heading out on vacation with the family.  We are driving down the road and then out of nowhere, BOOM just like that a near miss.  As quick as we can, we pull the car over to the side of the road, we make sure everyone in the car is ok, and then we pause for a moment to catch our breath, we think HOW did that car miss us?  We sit there and close our eyes, then we look to the sky and say THANK YOU.  In that moment, we sensed a feeling of “what if?”  We sense that brief feeling of just how quickly life could have ended for us.

We have all heard the saying “I saw my life flash before my eyes,” and in that moment we think about everything.  We think about our spouse, our kids, our friends and extended family.  We think about all the things we want to do in life, that almost were taken away from us.  As quick as we feel that sense of “what if” set in, the feeling off relief overtakes it.  The feeling of whew I am safe!

But what if?  What if that moment had been your last?  What if that car had not missed you? What if your life had ended in that very second? What if you never felt that sense of relief?

See when bad things ALMOST happen, the sense of what if is quickly replaced by the feeling of relief.  We go about our days after that moment, and most generally do not dwell on what could have happened.  If you have been in one of those moments you know what I mean.  I would like you to take a step back and think about the what if, think about what if that had been your last day, what if the sense of relief never came around?  What if you did not make it home tonight?  Bad things happen to good people all the time!

As you sit there and recall that sense of “what if,” I want you to think about something else.  I want you to think about what would happen to your family if you were not around?  Who would pay for your funeral, could your spouse afford it?  What would happen to your kids and their way of life? See we get so caught up in life, that even when a near miss happens we still fail to plan.  When a near miss happens the sense of relief trumps the sense of “what if.”

In these moments the sense of relief is what we feel because we get to live on.  But if we had died in that situation, would our family have any relief or would they get hit time and time and time again with burden after burden after burden.  Life insurance can not, and will not bring you back if something happens to you, BUT what life insurance can do is provide a sense of relief for your family financially it can help to ease the burden.  It can give them the piece of mind to know they can give you a funeral that THEY will need (a funeral can be part of the healing process for the family left behind, its a time for them to grieve their loss), it can give them an opportunity to grieve without worry financially.  To many times people forget that life insurance is NOT for you, its for those who you leave behind.

As I end this, I want you to think back to a situation in life where you had a near miss, and recall that sense of “what if” then as you start to recall the sense of relief that you had, think about your family.  If something happened to you, would there be any relief?  Or in addition to your funeral would they also lose their house, their way of life and so on………

If you an you and your family are not prepared WE CAN HELP!