Should I turn in an Insurance claim?

With all of the storms that have been impacting our area lately, as an Insurance Agent I feel I should offer up “some advice.”

I am often asked following a storm “Should I file a claim” – There are a few different ways to answer this, but First lets be clear – if you had damage as a result of a storm and your policy has coverage for storm damage (which most if not all should) you can turn in a claim, as a paying customer you have that “right” – that being said it is important to evaluate the situation before you turn in a claim.

Insurance claims should be used for situations that can “ruin your life, not your day” – As agents (my self or any other local agent) we do not get to set the rates or the rules the companies have – From my experience Insurance companies care more about how many claims you have had vs how much they have paid out – The reason I bring this up is that our local area has been impacted time and time again lately with major storms which could cause wind damage to your roof, water in your basement if your sump-pump stops working etc. all of these would/should be covered claims – however if in a span of 3 years you have 2 or more claims there is a good chance your current insurance company WILL DROP YOU, and your chances of finding affordable coverage would be very limited.  

I am not telling ANYONE not to turn in a claim, as a policyholder that is your right, I am just asking you to be smart about it – you will see companies (roofers) going door to door offering you a “free new roof,” what they dont tell you is the impact it could have on your insurance policy.  The best thing you can do before you file a claim is to call and talk to your agent.  Our area is blessed with several awesome insurance agencies, use these agents to your benefit, ask them for their advice – but please do not go the road alone. For some additional information on this topic please also read this article by clicking HERE – 

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    Insurance companies don't like to pay claims and some inspectors or adjustors are incented to deny claims. With this said, if you have a legitimate claim, you should expect to be treated fairly and expect the insurance company to honor the claim.

  2. mathy evans says:

    Hello Joel, Its more important to choose a right insurance company with a complete benefits and a friendly insurance agency which are accessible anytime and most important is a insurance agency that have a websites or blogs so that every time they have announcements, information's and news then we can have accessibility and to know our status. I have my favorite insurance agent website builder, its the Local Agent Sites they also generate insurance leads.

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