Tamra Wells….This is why I have Life Insurance!

By: Tamra Wells

Tamra and her GirlsAs a young mother and wife it always seems there are a million things on my to do list each day, and the girls are growing faster than I could ever imagine! It seems when you are pregnant, everyone tells you “Enjoy EVERY minute, don‘t take a single moment for granted, before you know it they will be grown and you will wonder where the time has gone“. I couldn‘t believe it, I thought it was just one of those crazy things people say to pregnant ladies to upset us.  Little did I know they all were right! My Daughters are now 3 and 4. My 4 year old, Aubrie, is getting ready to finish up her first year of preschool and my 3 year old, Katelyn, just went for her screening to start preschool in the fall.  My babies are not babies anymore; it seems just like yesterday we were nervously and excitedly trying to make our way thru my pregnancy to see our first daughter Aubrie, then six months later realizing we were getting ready to do it all over again. I was just getting used to this mommy stuff and now I was going to have two children under the age of two! Let me tell you, that is a whole new ball game! I thank God I have my Husband by my side helping me each step of the way, keeping me grounded as we go along.  I honestly don’t know what I would do without him!


brian and tamraMy husband Brian and I have been together for 9 years and married for 6 this past January.  I thank God he sent he sent Brian into my life, it hasn’t always been easy, we have had our ups and downs and our  full share of heartache, but with each high, each low and with heart break we have become so much closer.    In 2008 were expecting our first baby, this was going to be a great year!  Little did we know Life had much different plans! On Friday February 28th, at 24 weeks into my pregnancy, my water had broken and was slowly leaking and would send me into labor, we just didn’t know when.  It was a sit and wait situation.  On Sunday March 2nd at 7pm I was rushed into a delivery room where I gave birth to our first child, our son Conner. It was one of the most emotional moments of my life. I was so excited to become a mother, but at the same time was overwhelmed by fear.  We were told that at 24 weeks, it would be very unlikely that our son would be able to survive outside the womb. They would give us success stories and follow them with the worst case scenarios. Death.  Sitting there at 25 years old, I could not imagine losing this child I had been looking forward to meeting so much.  When he was born it all too soon became a reality.  There was no sounds of him crying, no joy from the nurses and doctors.  I remember it was so quite, I kept holding my breath hoping and praying he would be ok. At 7:15 pm they told us they have done all they could do and felt they would start doing more harm than good if we kept trying to keep him alive.  At that time, they handed me my beautiful son, all 1.5lbs of him was absolutely perfect!  He took his last breath and slipped away from us as fast as he came.

My husband and I were devastated, it seemed like a nightmare and we needed to wake up but unfortunately we never did.  When you are 26 and 25 the last thing ever think will happen is that you will loose your child.  That now you have to plan a funeral, pick out burial plots- because of course we haven’t even considered death of any kind, we are young. Those next few days and weeks seemed like an eternity but I am very thankful we had each other and our family and friends to get us through.   I was starting to see how precious life truly is and how short and unexpected it can be.

Aubrie balletThankfully, God got me through my next two pregnancies, each one getting a little easier, less complicated.  Now I have my two perfect little girls, and truly see how precious each moment and every day is.  I pray for protection over my girls everyday that they will be safe and protected, not because I am fearing something terrible happening to them. But because I know that it only takes a blink of the eye for it all to change.katelyn preschool screening

We not only pray for them, but we also have planned for the worst.  Experiencing loss at such a young age we realize how important not only we are to each other but to our Family.  My husband and I work so hard to provide for our family, to let us live the life we want to live, take family vacations creating lasting memories.  With Brian being the “head of house” or “Bread Winner” he is our family’s greatest asset. If God forbid, something would happen to him we need to know that our family would be ok. We would be devastated and lost without him, but because of Life Insurance we will not have the financial burden.  It can’t bring him back to us, but it can help keep us in our lives.  Far too often you hear of a devastating loss of a younger spouse and the family not only losses their loved one, but also everything they worked so hard for. The Mortgage payment still needs to be paid, the cars, the utilities, doctors bills etc .  They don’t just go away.    Same if my husband would lose me, I am an asset to our family by providing the “Housewife” duties along with my income. I want to know that if something happens to me, they will be able to continue on living the life we have.  I don’t want them to have to lose their mommy/wife and then still lose everything else too.   Life Insurance is not for me, or for Brian but for the ones left behind our daughters Aubrie and Katelyn.

Life insurance is one of those things we all don’t think of until we are older.  I hear it all the time, “I am too young, I will worry about that later” or “I don’t want to think about it it’s too morbid”. Unfortunately it’s a reality that Bad thing happen to Good people!  Every day 7000 people pass away. Do you think all of them are Grandma’s and Grandpas who have lived full lives and gave all they could give? No, unfortunately that includes children, young adults, mothers fathers who have had their time cut short.  It would be nice to have a crystal ball to show you when something bad will happen, but unfortunately there isn’t. You never know if this is your last day, your last time to say I love you, your last conversation, your last fight, your last memory.  Life is too short, make sure you tell the ones you love “I love you” laugh and make a new memory every day, let the little stuff go- it’s not important, and create a new memory every day!

aubrie and mommySo even though my To Do list sometimes seems a million miles long and there is no way I can possibly accomplish all I need to do, I think to myself, “what if I would have to do it all alone, could I provide for our girls.” It’s too much to imagine and I don’t like to think about it, but that is why we have life insurance.  So I don’t have to worry or think about it. I know that if something would happen today, my family would be protected and that is the biggest relief!

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  1. Greg Davis says:

    Beautiful story – thanks for sharing!

  2. Great Story Tamra – really brings the importance of life insurance in focus – that it really isn’t for us, but for those we love!!! Thank you for sharing your story!!

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