We love teen drivers!

January 20, 2016

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Teen driver Insurance in OhioAt Farmers Insurance we love teen drivers.

Lets be honest, it almost happens overnight. One day you’re pushing them down the sidewalk in a little plastic car, the next they’re asking for the keys to the real thing. As a parent, letting your teen take the wheel is a strange feeling; it’s a weird mix of pride, protection, fear, and trust.

As the person who pays for the auto insurance, you might also be terrified about your rates going up.

Shopping for car insurance for your teen driver may seem daunting and expensive, but we are here to help you through the process.  Adding a new teen driver to your policy may raise your rates since they can pose an added risk. On the bright side, there are car insurance discounts you may qualify for when you add your teen to your policy, and other’s your teen may can qualify for, like:

  • Good student – your teen’s good grades can save you money.
  • Distant student – if your teen driver goes to school 100 miles or more from home, this discount can help you save.
  • Multi-car – adding your teen driver’s car to your policy can earn you this discount.
  • Driver training – gain experience behind the wheel with a state-approved driving course and your teen can qualify for another discount.


As your local Farmers agent  we can provide you with more information, help find discounts, and give you a quote for coverage you want.  For more information give us a call (330-339-3431), shoot us an email (joel@mckinnonagency.com) or click HERE.