There is more to Insurance than a price!!!

As a consumer, we tend to get wrapped up in the advertisements we watch on TV, read in magazines, see on social media or hear about on the radio.  

In our current economy we are being “trained” that insurance is a commodity – that for a few moments of our time we can save hundreds on our insurance – First let me be clear I am all in favor of saving money on insurance, however I feel as consumers we should be made aware of the importance of having the proper coverage.  

We should be made aware what it means to have state min. auto insurance coverage, and what could happen if we are involved in a major accident and only have the basic limits.  We should be made aware what it means to have Actual Cash Value coverage on our home insurance vs replacement cost.  We should be made aware what type of failure we are setting our family up for if we fail to have life insurance.  

As an agent I take great PRIDE in educating our customers on what type of coverage they are purchasing, how the coverages can and will benefit them, and what can happen if they don’t have the proper type of coverage.  

Below is a letter I received this week from an awesome client – this client experienced a total loss fire back in the spring of 2013, and wanted to take a moment to share his personal experience with us (McKinnon Insurance) and with Farmers Insurance.  

My advice to anyone who may see this or read this, sit down with your agent, review your coverages, and don’t think your covered, know your covered. 

Last please remember, there is more to insurance than a price!!!!!!!