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The “Tiny house movement” is here, and if you need Tiny Home Insurance, we can help.

The tiny house movement refers to the social and architectural movement that encourages living simply, efficiently and sustainably in small homes. Just how tiny?  Tiny houses typically containing a living area, sleeping loft, kitchen and a bathroom.   These homes rarely exceed 400 square feet. Some of them are built on permanent foundations, but many of them are on wheels and are easily portable.

Though living in a tiny house may not be for everyone, if its for you, we can help!

We are proud to represent Foremost Insurance which offers solutions for insuring tiny houses. If the unit is on permanent foundation and attached to permanent facilities, it is eligible for a Dwelling Fire or Specialty Homeowners policy. If the unit is RVIA approved, with the wheels still intact, it is eligible for a Travel Trailer policy.  

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