It’s all about the View!!!


By: Joel McKinnon

Have you ever laid in bed, rolled over and just stared at your spouse?  Have you ever laid there and thought about how lucky you are?  How truly blessed you are?  From your spouse, to your kids, to your house, and even your way of life the view most of us have on life is pretty awesome.  If you truly think about it we are all lucky.  As I laid there this weekend staring at my spouse I realized something.  This is not something I just realized, but something I think we all tend to forget about.  For most of us our life is a team effort.  From the morning routine, to making the payments on the house, to running kids between practices our life as a family is a total team effort.  I have been blessed with an amazing partner in life, and I am man enough to admit without her I am not sure I could handle it all.  So what would happen if my partner was no longer around?  What would happen if I had to handle everything my self?  How would I do it, how would I afford it?

See, the view I have on life is pretty special, yet it is a view I think most families share.  I am blessed with an amazing wife, 3 awesome kids and the house of our dreams.  We have very supportive parents and in-laws who help us out when ever they can.  As grandparents their view is pretty special as well.  They get to spend time with our kids at their house, at the park, on the boat or where ever life may lead them, but at the end of the day they can send them home.

Joel and TriciaMy point in this, and I think it is something we as a society really need to think about.  As a family most everything we do is as a team, from spouses supporting one another to grandparents stepping in when they can we could not make it through life alone.  Now close your eyes for one moment, roll back over in bed and imagine if that spouse was no longer there, imagine if that partner who supports you in everything that you do was all of a sudden gone.  What would happen to your view on life at that point?  What would happen to Grandma and Grandpas view?  How would you shuffle kids from practice to practice? Could you keep your house, your way of life etc?

kidsSee what ends up happening for most families is they live for the current view of life, they live for the NOW, and they fail to prepare for the future view.  To many times we fail to plan and our view changes.  We go from viewing our spouse and our kids in the house of our dreams to sharing a room with them back at mom and dads.  Grandma and Grandpas view goes from stepping in when they can and enjoying retirement to a full time job.

I hear and see it all the time, families placing a greater value on things rather than their future. They spend $10 a month for insurance on their cell phone, yet “can’t afford” life insurance to protect the future of their family.  See by taking the time to protect your family and their future you can help insure their view.  I have said it many times before and I will say it again now.  NO amount of life insurance will bring you back, no amount of money will make life easy, but it will help to ease the burden.  It will guarantee that your family can stay in their dream house, while continuing to live their life.

If something happened to you, what would happen to the view of your family?