VRBO, is your property properly covered?


By Joel McKinnon

Do you own a second home, what about a vacation home?  Have you ever thought about renting it out?  If you did rent it out, would your current insurance policy cover you?

Many families own a secondary home, and or a vacation and the thought of renting those out is becoming more and more popular.  As the internet continues to grow, and the ease of doing business becomes easier, many families now have the option to easily rent out their second home or vacation home.  That being said it leads to us asking “Will your current insurance policy cover that?”  Many families assume they have coverage should something happen, yet they fail to have that conversation with their agent, and the reality is most basic policies WILL NOT cover your should something happen.

I was recently scanning the internet looking for a condo to possibly rent for my 10th wedding anniversary coming up this December.

San_Diego_Beach_Rental_4I was fortunate to stumble across this awesome blog post by Mike Schmisek, owner of a Farmers Insurance agency in Denver Colorado.  He takes a moment to explain the possible gaps in your insurance policy, and even offers up some suggestions on what you should do.  As an insurance agency owner my self here in New Philadelphia, Ohio, I found this information to be very helpful, and we will be discussing these option with our clients as we move forward.

If you are currently renting your vacation or secondary home I would highly recommend you taking a moment to read this blog post, and then having a conversation with your your agent (if you do not have an agent, give us a call we would LOVE to assist.)

If you are in the great state of Colorado reach out to Mike as he is very informed in this field, and if you are in Ohio feel free to give us a call.