Your daughters dream wedding, Will it happen?

ImageFrom the day my daughter was born, I started wondering what it will be like the day I walk her down the isle.  What emotions will I be feeling, what will the venue look like, will it be a destination wedding, or traditional church wedding, but most importantly I wonder “will her mother and I be able to provide her with her dream wedding.”

As of today my daughter is only one (1), so the visions of her wedding in her mind are still a few years off; However, as I was driving to work today I heard on the radio that the average wedding costs nearly $26,000, yes I said $26,000.  Stunned by this Imagenumber, I decided to do what we all do when we need to verify something, I Googled it.  Amazing, but true – here is an article that talks about the average wedding cost.

I know you may be sitting there asking your self “where is he going with all this,” or “why is an insurance agent talking about the cost of a wedding” stick with me, I am about to get to that.

Regardless of what the wedding will or won’t cost, as long as my wife and I are alive we will do everything in our power to ensure our daughters wedding is beautiful & magical and PERFECT in her eyes.  But what if her mother and I are not around, what if one or both of us passes away? Stop for a moment, close our eyes, and picture what that day might look like not just for my family but for yours.  Could your / our child afford their dream wedding? Could they take the honeymoon they always wanted?


We tend to put the thought of life insurance on the shelf and ignore it.  The reality is “life happens” parents pass away, and the hopes and “dreams” of our children can pass away with us.

Having a life insurance policy wont bring us (you) back, it wont allow me (you) the opportunity to walk my beautiful daughter down the isle, but what IT WILL DO is protect their dreams – it can provide them with the wedding of their dreams, it can help to secure their future, and as a Father knowing their future dreams are protected is what matters most.